Welcome to rivertarot.org. Thank you for visiting my homepage for tarot card consultations. River Tarot offers clients a platform to address contemporary life questions using traditional and none traditional forms of tarot card interpretation. This site offers tarot card readings in person or via telephone. River Tarot works from his Eco home in The Highlands of Scotland using tarot for holistic insight, to inspire, restore and help recover, perhaps to give fresh perspectives but mostly as a route to understanding. River Tarot is a pathfinding service. This site is not about turning cards in order to guess at what to do next instead River Tarot explores ways to be yourself and connect successfully with modern life. River Tarot does this by seeing shapes as language and your reading will attempt to show you how to see and read this language for yourself.


What to Expect


How do I prepare for a reading?


Readings usually focus on specific issues in your past or current life situation. I would advise you to take a few days to build up some ideas and questions about the areas you wish to understand better. Alternatively we can opt for a less specific ‘open reading’ using general perspectives.


On the day please take time and make space for your reading. Try and ensure the time you have booked is a quiet time, free from interruption. Try to select a comfortable, calm place. Give yourself a few minutes before the reading to collect your thoughts. When I call - the reading will begin. I work from a private office in the Highlands of Scotland with a floor to ceiling window overlooking a sea loch. I am surrounded by books on many paths of Tarot, spirituality and magic. My desk holds many tarot decks and one will be selected when we begin to speak, this deck will guide us through your reading.


Everything we discuss will be treated with absolute confidentiality. Please read my terms and conditions regarding subjects I will not read upon.

Given free reign tarot can talk forever - but given a specific question tarot can get clear results.


With specific questions you can help shape outcomes – but not like Hogwarts…

If you want to understand what today’s challenges are attempting to show you, you just need to ask the right questions.


If you want to understand more about your personal life or career – again you just need to ask the right questions.

If you can be honest with your questions and walk the tight rope between your usual response, uniform thinking, and new and exciting alternatives – when you are open to this – your reading can help you to understand and perhaps change the perpetual occurrences in your life.


Help with constructing questions (Sorry to keep going on about questions - but it is important!)


If you want answers for specific issues in your life please take time to think about what you are going to ask.


Tarot can be used to address the areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Tarot does this either in general terms or specifically when you (yes, you guessed it!) - ask a question.
Such as -
‘I want to know what to expect from the interview?’
‘I think about this person, but what do they think of me?’


The tarot will take your question and bring atmosphere, colour and depth to What? – How? – Why? – When?.


The best tarot questions are built up from some basic stances. What is this? Why does this? What or who is assistive in the resolution of this matter?

Try to have a specific topic or number of themes you want to learn about in advance of your reading.
Write stuff down!


What tarot can and can't do –


  • Tarot can help with direction, and can offer insight into setting and accomplishing realistic goals.
  • Tarot can help with fresh perspectives.
  • Tarot can offer confirmation that you are on the right path.
  • Tarot can help us leave behind the past where hopes and fears continue to replay to absolutely no end or advantage.
  • Tarot can help you to originate and create breaking trends and restrictive habits - just as the past can blanket the tone of the present.
  • Tarot can help you see where you are stuck and maybe where remaining stuck feels tremendously comforting.
  • Tarot can help you reappraise personal affirmations, review your motivations and ordering.
  • Tarot can help you navigate work challenges, social relationships and home life experiences.
  • Tarot cards can help you understand why an event happened and how to use personal events, however traumatic, as a route to empowerment.
  • Tarot can not read anyone's mind.
  • Tarot consultations can't send you to hell – they just will not – nor will the use of folk traditions or any kind of sympathetic magik.
  • Tarot cards can not talk to the dead – active channeling, clairvoyance and medium-ship are real abilities but are not usually part of a tarot reading. When any circumstance communicates clairvoyance to you there is no room for doubt in the recipients mind accepting the occurrence is genuine.

Tarot can help alert you to the truth in a world full of alternative facts – things to think about.


The more convoluted a story, the further it has taken you away from truth. When we make excuses for ourselves we invite a toxic debt into our lives. The actions and conversations you least want to initiate today are probably the priority you should make for today.


When we can look with honesty and humor the tarot can highlight the facts that make up the matter rather than how we feel about that matter.

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